The Original Dindigul

Our Story

Among the renowned dishes that graced the royal tables of the Nizam of Hyderabad, the chieftain of the Nizam’s kitchen, Mr P. Bangarusamy Naidu’s biriyani, held a place of honour. Originally served as Oonsoru, a celebratory dish post-victory in war, its exquisite flavours and fragrant aromas were an emblem of the Nizam’s famed culinary heritage.


In 1931, Mr Bangaruswamy Naidu brought forth the taste of the famed royal durbar to the vibrant streets of Dindigul. He customised the recipe to the south Indian

palate using the revered Thuraiyur Koppampatti Seeraga Samba rice and Kannivadi meat. He made it a standard practice to use only ghee.

This practice and his proprietary blend of spices resulted in a biriyani of unparalleled richness that boasted truly distinctive flavours. Later in the years to come, this became the signature flavour of all biriyani originating from Dindigul.


For nearly a century, the recipe for this remarkable biriyani has been meticulously passed down, currently being helmed by the 4th generation, Chef. Bangaru S. Giridharan. Every technique, every spice, and every ratio has remained unchanged to preserve the authenticity of this royal dish.


Pricol Gourmet takes pride in bringing you the timeless taste of this famed biriyani which celebrates almost a century of culinary heritage and the legacy of original Dindigul.